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Is Obama’s Blackberry Ringing Yet?

Shortly after Barack Obama was elected some journalists had fun writing about whether Obama would be able to keep his beloved Blackberry after the inauguration.  Security folks reportedly considered it a risk for the President to be carrying an electronic device that might give his location or movements away.  Obama’s argument for keeping his own phone included that it would be a way for his “outside” life to keep him in touch with reality.  He said he liked the idea that if he lost touch with the ‘real world’, and got too caught up with inside-the-beltway- thinking,  one or more of his old friends could call him up and say, “Hey, what the heck are you doing?”

I haven’t heard anything recently about whether Obama still has his Blackberry but I’ve been thinking about it lately.  Maybe it’s our last hope.  So, whoever you are out there who has that number, please, dial now.  Say, “Listen pal, you need to get real.  You need to give some sign that you get it that people want you to push out a bold and specific, and BIG, plan.  The time is ripe and people are ready to climb on board with you if you will just let them know you are going to get your hands dirty and work right alongside them.  Ask for sacrifice and you will get it.  And my friend, you can NOT get away with that ‘you’ll always be AAA in my book’ crap.”  (And if the Necco Company doesn’t immediately start printing that on those little candy hearts, they are missing a great opportunity.)

Then tell him that at the very least he needs to fire all his speech writers, and replace at least half of his advisors.  Tell him to get angry and to make sure people know it.  Then tell him to hang  up and get busy writing a serious plan to present to the American people.

If he rationalizes, whines, or says don’t worry, Congress will eventually come up with a compromise…then it’s time to hang up and give that Blackberry number to the rest of us.


Written by dineenp

August 10, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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