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After the Snow: How will we know when Washington, DC starts up again?

So.  We who live in the mid-atlantic are bracing for another large snow storm.  Snow shovels are sold out (I couldn’t even find one in stock on Amazon), and hardware stores are putting piles of water softener salt near the front of the store for people to use on sidewalks and steps.  The TV pundits (in an amazing and fleeting display of nonpartisan and unbiased commentary) are all concurring in saying that Washington, DC was, and still pretty much is, shut down with the two feet of snow they got.  More is on the way, and so they are fretting that DC will be shut down even longer while they dig out yet again.

But how, I wonder, will we be able to tell when Washington starts up again?  I haven’t noticed much getting done there for quite some time.  A very, very long time in fact.  So here’s a modest proposal.  Maybe it would be a kindness to us all if DC would stay snowed in until about, oh, maybe the Fourth of July.  That would be a nice patriotic time to start up again.  And maybe a few months of isolation during which to reflect, do some stretching exercises,  and examine and re-order their priorities would give them (and us all, for God’s sake) a breather and a fresh sense of possibility.  I know I could use a break from hearing about how little they are getting done…I can only imagine how exhausting it must be for them- there in the thick of all that lack-of-progress.  It must be mind-numbing.

So let’s let DC save some money, give the road crews and public transportation employees a nice long vacation, and let the snow fall where and as deep as it may.  Let’s let it stay on the ground until the sun stays out long enough to melt it (as God probably intended anyway).  And if the snow eventually buries the city completely?  Let’s reconvene (online) at that point and talk about picking a new location to be our capitol so we can start over from scratch.  There now. Well I don’t know about you, but as the snow begins falling here, again, I am feeling almost…yes, definitely…hopeful.


Written by dineenp

February 9, 2010 at 6:31 pm

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