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Inside Darkness – Film asks what it would take to get presidential candidates to work together

Russell Andrews, Karen Landry, Scott Alan Smith

Well, of course it’s fiction, but the film, Inside Darkness, asks some very real questions.  Created by filmmaker and Dominican friar, Dominic DeLay, Inside Darkness takes three presidential candidates who are onstage ready to begin their final candidates’ debate and throws them into a dark, isolated, and alien setting.  One moment they are standing at their podiums, and the next they are regaining consciousness in an all-black room with a few puddles of light here and there in the darkness.  They distrust, then blame each other, before deciding that “terrorists” must be behind their imprisonment.

The situation becomes ominous as they have reason to believe the walls (and ceiling– early on a shoe thrown up into the darkness takes a very long time to come back down, but later the shoe quickly hits an unseen ceiling and falls back to the floor) are closing in on them.  And they discover, there on the floor, a …body part.

Watching the candidates shift — or fail to shift– from competitor mode to cooperative mode is interesting, and raises many questions about when we see the “real” in each other; does context help or hinder; what is most important in a leader; what is the best way to find what we want in a leader?  Do we know what we want in a leader?

After watching this short, scary film, you find yourself wishing that the real final candidates’ debate tonight would at some point snatch the candidates out of their comfort zones; strip off all the political veneers; and let us take a peek at what’s really in there.


Written by dineenp

October 15, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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