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Ask them to name names – Does either candidate have the courage to help the public make a good choice?

The candidates have another chance tonight in Nashville, Tennessee to show that they have the courage it will take to handle the economic problems that are spinning out of control and terrifying the public.  Neither Obama nor McCain have gotten anywhere near specific enough about what they will do about this financial crisis, which could be even worse by the time one of them takes office.  As one commentator said recently, “Well, neither of them understand it.”  Fair enough, most of us don’t.  But I do know that the most important thing the new president will do is to pick the right people to tackle the problems.

At the moment I don’t see a whole lot of substantive (not in the ways that would really matter) difference between these two candidates even though they have both labored mightily to frame each other as radically different.  They aren’t. 

However, I would be very impressed if one– or ideally both– of the candidates would announce the names of the people he would tap to deal with the financial crisis– or at least the name of the treasury secretary.  Tonight the moderator–Tom Brokaw– should ask the candidates to do this.  And the candidates should give an answer.


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October 7, 2008 at 2:34 pm

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