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Experts Can’t Solve This Problem for Us

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If expertise and experts could save us from our current financial crisis, it would have happened by now.  To be fair, experts have valuable information to share, but they will not be deciding what to do about this problem.  Experts and academics have failed miserably in explaining what they know; sharing what they know with the public or with government in helpful ways; and — tellingly– failing to reach anything even close to agreement among their ranks about either the remedy for the problem or the possible consequences facing all of us.  The only player with the potential to resolve this problem is the one player not yet at the table– the public.  The public’s anger, disgust, fear, and dismay is suffusing the air in the room, but the public is not there.  The public needs to find a way to bust through the door and pull up a chair.


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September 26, 2008 at 2:34 pm

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