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Public Trust – Running on Empty

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I once picked up our car from the dealership after taking it there for the third time to have the same engine problem taken care of.  When I got home and looked at the invoice I found the work order still attached – probably inadvertently.  Under “comments” at the bottom I read “low customer rust level- third time in for this problem.”  Rust level?  I thought what’s ‘customer rust level’?  I looked more closely and realized it said “trust” not rust.  I think I had missed the correct spelling the first time because I hadn’t expected (but was heartened) to find that the dealership had some appreciation for how I must feel; and anyway, it was better than reading “customer is probably really pissed that we’ve told her repeatedly that we fixed her car and then she has the problem again.”

As I continue to listen to commentary, and President Bush last night, about the impending emergency $700 billion bailout legislation, it is sounding more and more like it is probably (who can really tell in all this fog?  The experts don’t even seem sure of anything) necessary to do something.  But sadly, it is just too late in a number of ways, for anything to work very well, let alone solve the problem.  The public is furious and in no mood to be reasoned with.  Government has squandered it’s capital with the people – asking for our patience, our cooperation, our money, and possibly the most precious thing of all, our trust, time after disastrous time.  At this point we’re just fresh out of trust.  All used up.  Being the resilient and forgiving people we Americans are, we’d probably even now be willing to hand some over if we had any.  But sorry, it’s all gone.  Whatever our elected leaders decide to do, they will be doing it on their own this time.  Best of luck.


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September 25, 2008 at 3:55 pm

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