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If the presidential candidates are trying to “be the change they want to see” they– and we– are in for a world of hurt.  There’s no question that the campaign is giving us “change,” but it’s not good.  They are both serially sniping at each other in silly and disingenuous ways.  They are sounding more and more like whiney children being consumed in sibling rivalry.  “Did too.”  “Did not.”  blah, blah, blah.  Time outs for both of you. 

There is a golden political opportunity in all of this mess.  Either one of them could break this cycle; take a higher road and leave the other to stew in their own partisan juices.  By all rights this should be Barack Obama, leading us beyond this uber-partisanship.  After all, he promised he would.  It’s how he got our attention in the first place.  What happened?  He needs to take a moment and pull himself together.

Or…John McCain could be a real maverick– as he has been in the past– and do some straight talking about what he would do if given a mandate to bring change to Washington.

At this point, I almost don’t care which one, but I very much wish one of them would move ahead and show that they can change something, anything at all, but a good start would be to show that they can change how a campaign for the office of President is conducted.


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September 12, 2008 at 11:39 pm

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