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Dream Team to Run the Country

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As author Ann Lamotte has written, no one is more competent than an 8-year-old girl.   Based on experience I have to concur.  Based on observation, I think I’ve found my dream-team that could probably cut through all the baloney and actually get some things done in the country- 7-year-olds Piper Palin and Sasha Obama.  By all appearances these two small females are smart, savvy, totally comfortable in their own skins and in whatever setting they’ve been schlepped to by their parents.  Watching Sasha lob questions at her dad, or Piper tame her baby brother’s hair with her spit and then apparently reminding family members when and where to stand and how to wave, I was impressed and reassured for the future of this country.  And they’re not even 8 yet.  Give them a year and they may rule the world.


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September 5, 2008 at 2:04 pm

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