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Sarah Palin strike a nerve or two? Or three?

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Whoa!  The feeding frenzy swirling around Sarah Palin since John McCain announced her as his VP pick has been breathtaking.  And distressing.  Criticism and snarky comments started immediately and have gained intensity and decibel level faster than the tropical storms in the Atlantic that are a looming threat.  The infamous split-screen we’re getting now is a radar view of the Caribbean and the Atlantic on one side, and one of various photos of Sarah Palin– holding a baby, holding a gun, apparently appraising the governor’s mansion for the first time…

The message is clear; hurricanes pose a threat to life, limb and property.  Sarah Palin poses a threat to…let’s see, what are the possiblities here…to the viability of John McCain’s campaign?  to the future welfare of the country should President McCain die and leave the office to her?  to the interpretation of the Obama campaign’s promise to deliver change (just not as much change as SHE represents…god forbid…we don’t want that much change, do we?) to the media who spent countless weeks, days and hours amassing information on all the possible VP picks only to be scooped by the candidate himself- how dare he, he needs to be taught a lesson in the acceptable ways to be a maverick…

Although I was anxious to get a closer look at who she is, and more importantly, what she’s done and how she’s done it, trying to get informaiton from the mainstream (and not so mainstream) media has been like drinking from a fire hose.  There has been information about her personal and political policies: pro-life, pro-hunting guns, pro-earmarks for her state, maybe pro-creationism… but it’s been almost all buzz words and labels.  Do they represent win-at-all-costs hard-core ideology, or the more nuanced, complex views of some of those same issues that, let’s be honest, most people hold.  I would like to know.  And the media–and the bloggers–have been no help so far.  In fact they staked out their trenched-in positions and started lobbing grenades with blinding speed.  So I say to the media:  you are not helping.  You might think you are, but you are not.

Give it a rest will you?  Just let the woman speak, for heaven’s sake.  Most of us citizens out here aren’t stupid.   Given information we can rely on, we’ll listen, we’ll talk amongst ourselves, and we’ll decide for ourselves, thank you very much.


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September 3, 2008 at 3:46 pm

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